About Baked by Bri

Baked by Bri is a licensed, home-based Cottage Food Operation located in Lake Forest, CA Established in early 2016. Baked by Bri offers artisanal desserts customized to your heart's deepest dessert desires. Although, while specializing in decorated Sugar Cookies, an array of other sweets are also available such as Cakes, Cupcakes, French Macarons and Meringue. Bri's priority is to bring smiles and conversation to any occasion through the shared love of desserts that anyone can enjoy. Her mission is to bring family, friends and colleagues even closer with just a touch of sweetness added to any event. From biting into a delicious macaron with a coworker to passing a decorated sugar cookie to your bestie, Bri firmly believes that memorable moments can always be made with the help of a custom treat.